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Setting Up Your Handmade Skincare Business is Not as Complicated As Everyone Else Has Made It Sound.


  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about registering a skincare business and legally selling in Canada from start to finish!
  • Start the handmade business you've always wanted that will create income and impact for you and your family!
  • Finally become a legit entrepreneur and start selling your products in the Canadian marketplace!

What You're Getting Inside My Complete Sell Your Skincare Training Course

SYS is a 3-Module, Step-by-Step Training Course that walks you through the 3 steps to registering, notifying, and labeling your handmade products for sale in Canada.

  • 24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access (including all updates)
  • Literally step-by-step training. Nothing is left out!
  • Links to Canadian Cosmetics Governing Acts and Regulations resources
  • Screen recordings of me going through the actual CNF step by step
  • Q&A sessions 
  • Membership in a growing community of smart and savvy Canadian skincare makers to support you and encourage you along the way!

"You got back to me right away! Thank you! I admit when I finally decided to sit down and do it and find you hit a stumbling block, having your questions answered quickly made me not throw in the towel but actually kept me going until I did submit."

"I loved how you put in how to calculate percentages and how to calculate the amount of glycerin produced!"

"Thank you so much! This was an awesome tutorial and really made the process of filling out the form seem so much less daunting. I will definitely recommend it to others! Thank you for seeing the need and sharing your knowledge."

"Thank you so much for putting this course together. I cannot even begin to imagine how much time you have saved me and how much frustration you have spared me from!! So much valuable information; well worth the cost. Thank you Jess!"


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