5 Ways To Use Instagram To Actually Get More Customers

marketing Feb 08, 2021

There are millions of users on Instagram, they post millions of photos and videos every day and billions of likes are given to these posts. It is a huge platform where you can share whatever you want in seconds and create an impact on your audience.


You can use this platform for digital marketing and creating, or interacting with your customers. You can also use your Instagram posts for advertising and sharing information about your services and products.


A strategic advertising plan can prove to be a highly profitable idea for e-commerce sellers and especially women entrepreneurs, those who make handmade goods in their homes and sell from home or local markets. Opening a storefront or leasing a store in the mall is no longer the only way to get your products to market.


With the help of social media and online selling platforms, you can become a profitable and well-known brand soon by using the latest techniques and strategies. 


Here are 5 strategies and techniques you can use: 


1. Business Profile


If you haven’t already, change your social media profile to a business profile or you can create a separate business account to use. A business account gives you access to more features of Instagram, features that can change the game of digital marketing for you.


For example, with a business account, you are able to link your products to your posts! Customers will then be able to click on your post and it will take them to the product you are featuring. You can also get insight into the analytics and statistical data about the impact that your posts are creating on the audiences.



2. Strategy based on Analytics


Using the insight tool of your Instagram business account, you can view how your posts have been interacting with the target audience within a specified time of a day, week, or month. It can also tell you about the demographics of the audience, their gender, age, and country of origin, etc.


By using this information, you can decide how to target a specific target market/audience. Knowing which post has been doing well can do wonders for you, by letting you know what way you should go when it comes to advertising and marketing, and creating posts.


3. Sponsored Ads


Another way to build a profitable and well-known brand is by spending on ads to grow your customers and followers. The Instagram ad feature allows you to reach a larger audience. It will share and advertise your posts with people outside of your following.


Regularly posted content on your account can be seen by those who are following you while a sponsored ad is posted on the feed of the larger target audience.


4. Advertise for Engagement, And Don’t Be Pushy


Advertisements that aren’t as pushy, that are more subtle and indirect, are more attractive and engaging. Even if people don’t buy from the ad, they start to get engaged. When they like or engage with your ad post, they will begin to see it more or share it with their friends by tagging those who may enjoy your product/brand. Posts that push potential customers to buy, don’t always work.


Instead, create posts that tease your product, posts that are attractive, and make them curious about how they could use our product or how it will benefit their life. These types of posts are the most impactful.


5. Influencers


One of the most useful strategies to use on Instagram is to partner with Instagram influencers, whether that is an influencer with a huge fan following or a micro-influencer, those with a smaller following. Partnering with an influencer or reaching out to one for a paid sponsorship can increase your reach with a larger audience.


What tip will you try first?


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