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6 Steps to Your Best Morning Ever!

strategy Jun 01, 2020


This week we’re switching things up a little with a book review of a book I read recently and wanted to share with you!


It’s called Millionaire Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, who is the author of the original The Miracle Morning as well.


Both books are based on the same formula for the best morning routine to get you up, motivated, and on the right track for your day, so I would recommend either one!


The book is based on Hal’s 6 step process for the best morning routine.


Do you have a morning routine yet? I mean one that includes intentional activities meant to put you in a better state of mind, not just brushing your teeth and drinking your coffee.


Adding a couple of new things to your morning routine can be super helpful in ensuring you start the day off on the right foot, and move into your day in the right head space.


The book recommends adding the following activities to your morning if you don’t already, based on the acronym SAVERS:


S - Silence

A - Affirmations

V - Visualizations

E - Exercise

R - Reading 

S - Scribing


Each of these is what you make them, and can be interpreted in the way that best serves you, but I’ll give a couple of examples of each down below:



Silence means sitting in silence, either through meditation or prayer. Maybe a gratitude practice, too! 

Tips: If you’re new to mediation, but want to give it a try, I like YouTube or Insight Timer for free, short guided meditations on all kinds of topics!


A is for affirming positive intentions, results, outcomes, or reminding yourself how awesome you are!

Tips: Try a guided meditation for this, and knock out 2 birds with 1 stone! After you get a feel for it, you can create your own affirmations. I also like to incorporate my affirmations into my ‘Scribing’ section


Visualizing may sound out there for some of you, but it’s a very valuable tool. Once you take the time to figure out what you really want, you can visualize it happening sometime in the future! Athletes use this to run their races in their minds before they even step foot on the track because it’s so powerful!


Exercise is pretty self-explanatory. If you can get in a full workout in the morning, I tip my hat to you! For me, exercise means cycling through a couple of sun salutations to get my body moving, work out the kinks, and move the blood around. Stretching, walking your dog, or 60 seconds of jumping jacks totally count!


Reading is one of my most favorite things to do in the morning. I get up before my hubby and relish the quiet time to catch up on a few pages of my book and snuggle my cats. Choose fiction, or a business book, and try to get in at least a couple pages a day. It adds up over the course of a year! If you like to read a lot, I recommend borrowing books from your local library!


And lastly, ‘scribing’, which is just another word for writing! This is usually in the form of journaling. You can journal your affirmations, 5 things you’re grateful for today, or the 3 things that are the highest priority for your workday today. Sometimes it’s fun to Google journaling prompts and try one to see what your brain comes up with haha.


And that’s it. The routine can be as short or long as you want… a couple of minutes, or over an hour, it doesn’t really matter. You can even have a longer version for when you’re home and a short version for when you travel or are really short on time.


So what do you think, will you give it a try? If you’re in, try adding just 1 of the ‘SAVERS’ per day until you don’t have to consciously think about it, and then adding the next. It truly is life-changing!



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