How to Add Product Links to Your IG Posts with Shopify

ig posts shopify Jan 15, 2020

Have you seen accounts on Instagram tagging their products with links to purchase right in the post? That’s the power of using Shopify as your e-commerce platform!



There are many benefits to using Shopify, but this is definitely one of my faves.


I love being able to post pictures of my products on my feed and in my stories and have a clickable link for my customers to pop over to my website and buy immediately!



If you already have a Shopify site, today I’ll show you the steps to link everything together so you’re able to start tagging your handmade products!


1. Create an IG profile

a. Switch it to a business account

2. Create a FB business page

a. Link the FB page and IG account together

3. In Shopify, add a couple of new sales channels - Facebook Shop and Instagram

a. For the Facebook Shop, create a catalog of products you want to display on your Facebook page and that are available to tag in Instagram

4. In Instagram, go to Settings - Business - Shopping and make sure it’s linked to your Facebook Page

5. In newsfeed posts, once you get to the last step when you enter the caption, there will be a “Tag Products” button. Just hit that to tag a product from your store.



  1. In stories, hit the little smiley face sticker to bring up all the stickers, polls, etc. Tap on the PRODUCT one and choose your product from the list
  2. And you’re done!


If you need more help setting things up, make sure to visit the Shopify Help Center for more details and don't forget to download the list of our favorite free apps to use inside Shopify to increase revenue and traffic:

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