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Failing Often, and Failing Proud with Jenny of Live Long & Hustle

community Apr 13, 2020

Hey makers,


Welcome back! For this week's interview, we are speaking with Jenny of Live Long and Hustle. I first met Jenny at a local mastermind she coordinated here in Calgary. Jenny is compassionate, passionate, and a total boss! Read on to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey so far!


L&C: Hello! To start, tell us your name and what your business is all about.

Thanks so much for inviting me to do this interview with you, Jess! My name is Jenny Paul and I'm a Business Mentor. Through online courses and private coaching, I provide simplified strategies to help entrepreneurs grow highly profitable businesses doing what they love.  


L&C: Tell us how it all began for you.

I was a stressed-out corporate lawyer, not loving my job and losing my spark with every passing day. One day, I decided to take the leap to quit and take the time to figure out what I really wanted to do and what I wanted my life to look like.

It seemed like I had just been going through the motions, doing what I thought I should be doing, rather than truly following my passions and building my life with intention. 

After taking some time off to reflect and backpacking through SE Asia and India, I started an online business providing meditations for lawyers. It was a massive fail. I had no idea what I was doing, but I took the lessons I learned and started a virtual recruitment company, which took off and gave me the freedom and flexibility I was looking for.

After 8 years in business, I decided to move into business coaching, which is more aligned with who I am and my true calling.


L&C: What are your favorite tools for working smarter, not harder?

I love project management tools that keep me organized like Trello and Asana. Both have amazing free options and are so great for helping me get everything out of my head and into an action plan.


I also love using the "Pomodoro" and "eat the frog" techniques and to get things done. Both of these things help me to be focused and productive when I'm deciding to work so that I can free up more time to be more creative, work on passion projects, spend time with loved ones, etc.

Having the ability to set your own schedule is a major perk as an entrepreneur, but if we're mindlessly sitting at our desks, scrolling social media and getting caught up in other time wasters, we're really just boxing ourselves in again.


L&C: Tell us about a big fail you had and what you learned from it.

Meditations for Lawyers, the big business fail that I mentioned previously, was definitely a learning lesson. I spent almost a year trying to get that business up and running, but I was doing it all wrong from the get-go. I didn't do the foundational work, in the beginning, to really get to know my ideal clients/customers before trying to sell to them.

That experience taught me how important it is to know your audience inside and out. Do your research so that you know how to capture their attention and ultimately, serve them with what they want and need.


L&C: Who do you look up to in business, or in life?

I look up to anyone that has the courage to take charge of their life and go after their biggest dreams despite the naysayers, doubts, and fears. That kind of audacity inspires me to do the same and we need more examples of it in this uncertain world we live in. 




L&C: How do you celebrate your wins?

With gratitude. Any time I experience a win, in business or in life, I thank the Universe and my angels for always having my back. The more grateful I feel, the more it attracts abundance and joy into my life. It's a positive feedback loop.


L&C: What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Fail, fail often, fail proud. I wouldn't be where I am without quitting as a lawyer, failing at my first real business attempt and the multitude of other failures I've experienced along the way. It's all part of the journey, so don't put off chasing your wildest dreams because of the fear that you might fail. You will fail, but every time, you'll get closer and closer to where you're meant to be. So you might as well get started now.


L&C: Where's the best place to learn more about you?

Feel free to reach out via my website or Instagram! 

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