Getting Started with Finding and Formulating Cosmetic Recipes

Original Release Date: June 19, 2019


Today we'll be talking about formulating your own recipes or finding reputable sources online.

Starting Out

Part of the fun in making your own skincare products is that you can make whatever you want!! It's fun to experiment with ingredients and techniques, and allows us to exercise our imagination!

If you are a beginner though, it can be nice to have a basic recipe to start with. Something foolproof that can help you get started and gain confidence.

When I first started making soap, I watched a ton a videos on YouTube to learn as much as I could and then found an in person class to check out. Learning online can be a good start, but actually doing the thing is how you will learn and grow your skills.

Favorite online resources for learning and recipes

Soap Queen


La Fille de la Mer ðŸ

Humblebee & Me ðŸ

Swift Crafty Monkey ðŸ

Modern Soapmaking

Lovin Soap

Nerdy Farm Wife

In Person Class

To find an in person class in your area, just search "soapmaking class in (your city). In Calgary, I went to one held by Soap and More, which is a supply store here.

Start Easy

For soapmaking, pick an easy recipe to start. Something with just a few oils and if you want, a fragrance or EO.

Make sure to double check the recipe in Soapcalc. It will make sure you have the right ratio of sodium hydroxide to oils, and will tell you how much water to add.

I also like Brambleberry's fragrance calculator as well.

Have your recipe on hand and go slow. Double check your steps and make sure you've added all the ingredients to the recipe.


And the most important part...

Failure is always an option!! The best way to learn is to fail. There's no need to be afraid of it, you either get it right, or you learn from your mistake!

So go out, have fun, and learn lots!

Another fun thing to do if you have Instagram, is to follow and learn from other makers on there. You can start conversations, ask questions, and learn lots. You can find me @lilacandcloversoap. Look forward to seeing you on the 'gram!



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