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How To Move The Needle When Things Are Slow

strategy Jun 22, 2020


If your business has been turned on its head with markets being canceled, shops temporarily closing and getting less online orders than usual, there are still tons of things you can be doing to move the needle in your business…


Here's a couple I came up with, let me know which one you’ll try!


  • How else can you serve your customers right now? Free shipping, easy pickup or drop off for local orders? Can you be a source of information and inspiration?
  • Do an inventory of all your supplies and products
  • Catch up on bookkeeping, review your monthly reports to see where you can improve
  • Plan the rest of the year’s seasonal releases, launches, or 5-7 goals
  • Make more product in this downtime
  • Look at your marketing strategy and make a plan
  • Schedule 30 days of Instagram posts



  • Start an email list
  • Experiment with taking new product photos
  • Revamp your website
  • Write up SOP's for your repetitive tasks
  • Research the markets and shops you will apply to in the future, rework your pitch email, line sheets, and order form
  • Set up a shop in another marketplace to expand your reach - Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Faire
  • Do a giveaway to reach more potential customers
  • Learn something new - marketing, selling, refining your niche, etc
  • Do the thing you've been putting off for months 😂😂


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