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Failing Forward | Maker Interview with Micki of The Olfactory Shop

community Jul 30, 2019

Hey makers!

We now have a blog feature of our fellow cosmetic biz babes who are crushing it!

Read on to learn more about them, what they love, when they failed, and who they get their inspiration from!!



L&C: Hello! To start, tell us your name and what your business is.

Micki: Hi! My name is Micki and I run The Olfactory Shop, where I make a natural fragrance for the home and body.


L&C: Tell us how it all began for you.

Micki: I ran into a friend from elementary school two years ago and she said her first memory of me was running up to her on the playground, putting an essential oil in her face and asking her what it reminded her of. So I can’t really remember when it began, but it’s always been there.

I’ve always loved scents, being in the kitchen with my mom and grandmas, and experimenting. As I got older and studied agriculture in university, my love of nature and plants blossomed. It was these steps that all came together and took me from blending gifts in my living room, to create a business.


L&C: What are your favorite tools for working smarter, not harder?

Micki: I feel like I keep it pretty simple on this side. I’m a fan of lean businesses and I have adapted that mindset with keeping my tech-life simple too.

My favourite tools are Mailchimp, Later for pre-planning my social media, Shopify’s analytics, the Kit assistant for Shopify (I love how it’s integrated to my social media and email list), and Canva for design. I use Google Docs heavily for bookkeeping, collaborating, planning, etc.



L&C: Tell us about a big fail you had and what you learned from it?

Micki: Oof. This is a bit fresh still haha! Last year I was hunting for an electronic diffuser that used less plastic. Unable to find the perfect one, I set out to design my own. It was costly and it took me 6 months from concept to prototype but it was perfect!

Until it wasn’t.

After pre-sales went out to the first dozens of customers, I started getting emails back about the same glitch. And then the manufacturer ghosted me. I was so scared. I had taken the biggest investment in my business and myself and it was failing. All the time developing and marketing, selling and shipping these babies… I was stressed and felt like I had failed all of my customers. Right before Christmas...

I got through it by focusing on doing the right thing for my customers. After helping customers return dysfunctional diffusers I felt more empowered and like I could get through this. I actually remember at one point feeling excited that I had failed because it was moving and it meant I took a risk!

I leaned on a group of my girlfriends, hard! Including you, Jess! I am so thankful that I had my girlfriends to cry on, to feel excited about moving through it and to come out on the other side with. I learned again how invaluable my deep friendships are in these moments.


L&C: Who do you look up to in business, or in life?

Micki: I am inspired by the folks I’ve surrounded myself with. Every one of my friends is someone I can continuously learn and grow through. I have a supportive network of kind, non-judgmental and hard-working people to show me that things are only impossible until you do them.

I get inspired when someone I know has a big win or gets through a big fail. I see their work and passion in motion and I see how I can do the big things too.

My husband’s mindset is also very inspiring. He looks at challenges as fun and is so filled with curiosity. He pushes himself and never needs external validation for his efforts. I’m lucky to live with such a go-getter! It’s like waking up to a ball of sunshine every day.


L&C: How do you celebrate your wins?

Micki: Hmmm, I don’t know if I do? I write them down each week on my agenda so that I can look back, but I’m not sure a celebration occurs haha! Maybe I could start buying myself a plant? Or another bar of soap.



L&C: What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Don’t wait for things to be perfect. You’ve heard it before but I mean it. List out what’s stopping you from really going for it and realize those aren’t real roadblocks. You’ve made them all up in your magical mind. Crumple that paper up, chuck it out and just do the work.

Everything is solvable and simpler than it seems. And surround yourself with inspiring and accepting people.  


L&C: Where's the best place to learn more about you?

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