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Magnificent Makers Feature: Patricia of Purely Patricia

community Nov 06, 2019

Hey makers!

This is our blog spotlight on our fellow biz babes who are crushing it!

Read on to learn more about them, what they love, when they failed, and who they get their inspiration from!!

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For this week's interview, we are speaking with Patricia of Purely Patricia out of Waterloo!

We first met Patricia on Instagram (of course), when first looking for inspiration when we started out! Patricia has a real eye for color and loves to use her real plant babies for her product photography. Enjoy!


L&C: Hello! To start, tell us your name and what your business is all about.

P: My name is Patricia and I am the owner of Purely Patricia, a soap company whose mission is to keep us and our planet clean. I make bar soaps using plant-based oils and butter mixed with clays, essential oils, and other botanicals. 

L&C: Tell us how it all began for you.

P: In 2014, I purchased a large container of coconut oil because that was the trendy thing to do back then. People put it on their hair, on their skin, they ate it - the possibilities were endless.

Alas, I never even opened the container of coconut oil.

One day I decided to search for other purposes for coconut oil and that is when I came across soap making. I am the kind of person that once I get excited about something, I completely commit to the idea, so within a few days I had made my first loaf of soap using an online tutorial.

I had so much fun making soap that I kept making it and giving it away to friends and family. In 2015, I started selling soap, and that is when my soap company was born. I have also started teaching soap making workshops and that has been so much fun.



L&C: What are your favorite tools for working smarter, not harder?

 P: For about a year, I cut my soap by hand. I would measure out 1-inch increments along with a loaf of soap, and cut it using a knife. The process was very time consuming but I was hesitant to spend the money on a multi-bar soap cutter.

Eventually, my patience grew weary and I invested in a soap cutter. I have not regretted that decision one bit! Buying enough soap molds so that I could make big batches of soap also helped increase my production level. 

L&C: Tell us about a big fail you had and what you learned from it?

When I first started out making soap, I went a little wild buying soap making ingredients without really considering what I needed. I now have a large collection of oils, butter, scents and colorants that I have never used.

I wasted lots of money on this. I now only buy the ingredients I use regularly and only buy ingredients in quantities that I know I will use up quickly. 

L&C: Who do you look up to in business, or in life?

P: There is such a long list of women I look up to in business and in life. I am so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by a group of women who excel in their careers, prioritize their own health, make time for friends and family, and give back to their community.  

L&C: How do you celebrate your wins?

P: Sushi. Or pizza. Usually both. 


L&C: What advice would you give someone just starting out?

P: Being a business owner is hard. Being self-employed can be isolating at times so you have to make an effort to connect with other entrepreneurs. I have found the Etsy community to be a fantastic group of people both online and offline!


L&C: Where's the best place to learn more about you? (Include your website, social media handles, podcast, etc)


You can find me on my website and on Instagram @purelypatriciasoaps


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