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Magnificent Makers Feature with Alejandra and Brie of Genesis Tallow

community May 04, 2020

 Hey makers!

This is our blog spotlight on our fellow biz babes who are crushing it!

Read on to learn more about them, what they love, when they failed, and who they get their inspiration from!!

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For this week's interview, we are speaking with Alejandra and Brie of Genesis Tallow.


L&C: Hello! To start, tell us your name and what your business is all about.

Hey! Our business Is Genesis Tallow and our names are Alejandra and Brie. We are a mother-daughter tallow skincare business that is passionate about non-toxic products.

The product we sell is called “Tallow Balm”. It is a 100% natural and organic whole-skin healer containing only three simple ingredients. Grass-fed/grass-finished beef tallow, olive oil, and essential oils. 

A big question we get is  what is Tallow?” It is essentially beef fat that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. I know it sounds a bit strange but the truth is, our ancestors have used it for centuries to heal the skin! Tallow has a saturated fat ratio similar to the human cell that promotes cell generation and makes it a moisturizing healing miracle.

Tallow balm promotes healing and moisture for allergy-prone skin, acne, scars, dry and cracked skin.


L&C: Tell us how it all began for you.

Both having sensitive skin, we were always going back and forth between skincare products, spending tons of money to find natural solutions that really work! We found that most products would just sit at the top layer of the skin and not really get deeply moisturized. We thought well if we can’t buy one, let's make our own. 

We wanted to make a skincare product with ingredients we were familiar with. Our skin is our biggest organ that absorbs everything, so having ingredients that are safe enough to ingest was of the utmost importance to us. 

We made our first batch of Tallow balm and started using it for months. Blown away by its outcome to promote healing, we gifted it to a bunch of friends to try. The results and feedback we got were incredible! Hearing the testimonies of people's skin conditions being transformed after just weeks was overwhelming! And just like that Genesis Tallow was born. 

L&C: What impact did the Sell Your Skincare program have on your journey?

Sell your Skincare program has helped us launch our business with peace knowing we were taking the right steps and not bypassing the process. It helped us bring our dream into a reality and encouraged us that we could actually do this! We are infinitely grateful to connect with a supportive community and to use this tool as a catapult.


L&C: Tell us about a big fail you had and what you learned from it?

 A big fail we have had is not starting the business sooner. We have realized that fear and doubt hold us back too long. We had been dreaming of this business for a long time and never pursued it. From that, we have learned that you have to go with your gut and pursue what you really want in life. 

L&C: Who do you look up to in business, or in life?

In business, our family member Jenessa Wait has been an inspiration. She has run after her dreams and is now a successful businesswoman. She had a dream, was consistent, and didn’t let fear stop her.



 We look up to anyone who has taken steps to open up a business with a passion for creating natural products. We have the heart to see people healed naturally and know the opposition that is thrown at more holistic approaches. We are inspired by those who have persevered and have paved a new way to see the health care and skincare industry transformed. 

L&C: How do you celebrate your wins?

We have looked at every step forward in our business as a victory. As we have given room to acknowledge the process it has given us hope and encouragement for what’s to come and how much closer we are to our big picture goals. Becoming self-aware, compassionate, and hopeful has been so key in this process. 


L&C: What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Do not disqualify yourself. I would encourage you to give no room to small-minded thinking. Surround yourself with people who will champion and challenge you along the journey. Take risks and just go for it! It is often your overthinking and fear that will stop you from pursuing big dreams.

And at the end of it all, give yourself a ton of grace! Starting a business comes with a roller coaster of emotions. Just ride it out and keep moving forward. Don’t dwell on mistakes or hiccups but give room to self-love and compassion! We are all learning and it is just part of the beautiful process. 

L&C: Where's the best place to learn more about you? 

We just launched our website over at and you can also find us on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook.


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