Preparing for Your First Handmade Market

markets Feb 17, 2020



Hi there! Just reviewed your Market Prep checklist to prepare for an upcoming first event we’re attending! Hoping to get some beginner pointers to two questions -

  1. Cash till? Is this something you recommend purchasing for a beginner? If yes - where do you recommend getting one, if no, what is a good alternative, and how much change would you prepare?
  2. We sell small products - do you provide bags for your customers to takeaway? Or any sort of green packaging options? Or just do without?

- Claudia




Hey Claudia, congrats on your first event!!!

I would suggest having some change on hand as people still do like to pay with cash. I made a DIY till out of a shoebox which worked great. Or I have seen others suggest an apron to keep all cash in so it's on your person and easier to access (plus kinda cute Haha).


As for how much, that can vary depending on the size of the event... Start with more than you think until you get a feel for how often your customers pay with cash.


I do have a couple of sizes of recyclable/reusable kraft paper bags on hand, but you can also encourage customers to bring a reusable bag, or put their items in a bag they already have. Or, you can charge for your bags like some grocery stores do.


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