Pros and Cons of Five Different Label Types

You have endless options for how you want to label your soaps. From cigar bands to shrink wrap and everything in between, I've listed a few of the most common ones here.


Paper wrapped

A great option for protecting the soaps during transport. 



  • Paper also keeps fingers and noses away from the actual soap bar.
  • Protects from UV as well
  • Different paper options could be used for each scent, and recycled or recyclable paper can be purchased



  • Customers can't see the actual soap, so a display bar might be a nice touch. 


You can include a cigar band or sticker label over top with labeling info. 

I purchase my custom gift wrap paper through Zazzle, but Wrappily even has compostable paper!! 


Plastic shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is also great for protecting the bars during transport or for display purposes. 



  • The bar will be visible through the clear plastic and can be used on any size bar. 



  • You will also need a heat gun or shrink wrap machine for this type.

You can include a cigar band on top, or add a sticker with all of your info.


Cotton bag

This is a nice option as well, though it can be more expensive. 



  • Can be reused thousands of times for other things



  • Cannot be recycled

I purchase these cotton muslin bags through Amazon and stamp them myself and include a little paper tag with the labeling info.



Cigar band 

Maybe the easiest and most straight forward option, the cigar band is a trusted label option. 



  • Can be customized in both height and length to fit whatever size bar you make
  • A great option for soaps with textured tops so you can really show them off
  • You have many paper options as well from cardstock to Kraft paper, and recycled or recyclable paper is available. 



  • Time-consuming to cut and trim from a full sheet of paper
  • Not protected from hands, fingers, and noses at markets and in shops


Labels can be designed and printed from home for the most flexibility, or through a printing press or online.




Soap boxes are an elevated way to package and display your bar soap. 



  • Great for protecting your soaps, and because of the standardized shape, it's easy to pack for transport.
  • The bars are protected from hands and damage, but with a cut out are still view-able and the scent can carry through.



  • A little more expensive than a simple paper band, and can be more difficult to find in Canada, especially if you need a custom size.


Need more inspo?


For more resources, try searching online or on YouTube for the type of label you're trying to create. You can even start a Pinterest board and find ideas that you like and try to form an idea of what your labels will look like. You can find my Pinterest boards here. Or visit my Instagram for more inspo.

Have fun!


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