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Q&A: Cosmetic Notification Forms

cnf Jul 30, 2019

Original Release Date: June 12, 2019


Hi Jess,
For your CNF, should you use into the pot or out of the pot? Are both ways correct?

And how do you put your ingredients on the soap label? Do you add glycerine or sodium hydroxide to your soap label?



Thanks for these questions!
As for the way to enter ingredients, I have heard makers that do it either way, however, in speaking directly with HC, their preference is for 'out-of-the-pot'.
Which means, for sodium hydroxide, none is left in the bar, so you don't need to include it.

Glycerin will have to be calculated and included in both the CNF and your labels. The quick and dirty way to do that is to multiply the mass of sodium hydroxide used by 0.77 to get the mass of glycerin in the final batch. 

For the labels, you list everything the same way you entered it in the online form, from highest to lowest concentration - "The list of ingredients on the CNF must be the same as the ingredients listed on the product label." (as per the How to complete a Cosmetic Notification form webpage.)
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