Q&A: How to Input Organic Ingredients in Your CNF



Also, I think I’ve completed the form correctly, my only concern is that we use organic base oils for the soap recipe and when listing the proper INCI ingredient names you cannot say organic. Should I have explained that in the description area? Or does it matter? 







When submitting your cosmetic notification forms, you will need to list the INCI names of each ingredient. This is the international nomenclature name that is recognized around the world.


The INCI name of ingredients doesn’t take into account whether it’s organic or not, so there’s no different name for the organic version of an ingredient.


Ie. The INCI name for olive oil is Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil and the INCI name for organic olive oil is also Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.


You’re definitely welcome to include that information in the Product Description section of the form though.


As well, on your labels, you should be listing the INCI ingredient names, but you can always list more information on the ingredients and product elsewhere on your labels, just make sure it’s bilingual.


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