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Q&A: If I Could Sit You Down and Ask Anything...

manufacturing Apr 06, 2020



Here are a couple of things I would love to sit down with you and ask:

Step by step of how to start your own handmade products business.

What to expect.

Tips, ideas, charts, visual aid, lists, explanatory images of how to's, dos and don'ts

Guides a list with images of natural colorings and how to do them, a palette of how to combine essential oils that go well together, a chart explaining how to replace this oil by this one or this butter by that one, recipes, explanations how to calculate the cost of your end product, etc)







For your first question about how to start your own handmade business, I would suggest checking out my signature course 'Makers Blueprint' which goes through everything from goal setting to websites, to marketing, and profit margins.


For natural colors, I love the free FB group called Soapmaking Natural Ingredients Forum, and Three Hills Soap has amazing resources!


For essential oils, Modern Soapmaking has a pretty good site with blends and an EO calculator here


And for your other questions, I would suggest Soap Queen or Modern Soapmaking!


Hope that helps!





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