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Q&A: Low Waste and Cheap Printing Options

starting a business Jun 08, 2020


Hey friends, this week we’re sharing a question we had in our Makers Tribe Facebook group. Read on to learn more...



I am in the process of making a label and a business card. I want to keep it as waste-free as possible and also keep costs down. Does anyone have any feedback on how they produce their labels or if they produce their own and the costs involved in doing so?





I used Zazzle for my biz cards, and they always have coupon codes floating around!

And for labels, I like to print my own just out of convenience and so I can make changes anytime. And I have a 100% paper label that can be recycled, plus the option for customers to buy 'naked' soaps.

For my wrapping paper + sticker label + printer ink, I pay about $0.22 per label.

My friend uses a professional printer called Stop & Go Productions and is super happy with them, so it may be worth reaching out to get a quote if you want to go the more professional route 👍



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