Q&A: When Do I Start Selling?


Hi Jess,


Thank you for the email below. I'm just getting started with making soap. I haven't registered the company yet and I'm wondering when is a good time to do that. l would like to learn about the trade and know what people like (samples)  before l take it to the business level? Let me know what your journey has been like. Do l have to register the company right away and where? (Car registry?) Looking forward to hearing from you soon.








Hey Joy,


So nice to hear from you!

You are welcome to make and give away your products for now, as long as you fill out your CNF's (Health Canada Cosmetic Notification Forms). As long as you're not selling, you don't need much at this time.

Once you want to start selling, you should register as a sole proprietor (which you do at any government registry) or incorporate, check for any business licenses or permits you might need through your city or county.

Then, if you haven’t submitted CNFs, send those in and make sure you’re following GMP guidelines. The final piece is to create compliant labels! Once you’ve started selling, you can also look into getting liability insurance.

Good luck,



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