The # 1 Thing You Need to Do to Sell Your Line to Stores

Aug 09, 2021
Sell Your Line to Stores Canada

Guest post by Moni Kupczak Ainslie

Moni always wanted to get her products into stores, but was afraid. So, she stopped doing everything else, and focused solely on wholesale and it worked! By the second year, her line was sold in over 600 stores across Canada, the US and Japan and she even won the Small Supplier of the Year Award from the Canadian Gift Association! 


The # 1 Thing You Need to Do to Sell Your Line to Stores

by Moni Kupczak Ainslie


Here’s a thing I’ve noticed happens to makers. 

Most makers start out with a product they are passionate about. They put countless hours into perfecting their product. All the blood, sweat, and tears they invest are worth it because the World NEEDS their products. They create something extraordinary…


And then it’s time to put it out into the world and it starts to feel very scary. Especially if you decide to sell your products to stores.

Selling your products to stores can grow your business big time, but there’s something that often stands in the way for most makers.

First, they start questioning whether their product is even good enough. 


And then there’s fear of rejection. Makers seem to think that when a store doesn’t reply to your email or says no, it means something more. They take it personally, feeling like their product is not good enough. Some take it further and think it means that they are not good enough. 


That’s simply not the case. 


There are so many reasons why a store may not get back to you or may say no. Here are just a few of them:

  • They didn’t have time to read your email
  • Your email went into their spam folder
  • They don’t have funds to buy right now
  • They carry a similar product and you didn’t show them why they should carry yours instead
  • They forgot to get back to you
  • The product might not be a good fit for their store
  • Your email to them was way too long and they didn’t have time to click on all the links you included
  • You didn’t tell them what they need to know


I can go on and on. So, please don’t make it about you. You’re amazing, okay?


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Today one of my students told me that she used to worry so much about the “no’s”, but she learned that that’s just a part of doing business with stores. The no’s are not personal. They don’t mean anything. My student started with 5 stores and now her line is in over 50 stores. She heard a lot of no’s on the way to those 50 yes’s, but it was worth it!

When I started my business, I was so scared to speak to stores that it took me 2 years to even approach a retailer. I already had a great product that was doing really well at markets, but I was so afraid and felt not good enough for stores. And you know what happened? I got a huge order. And then another one. And then I thought “I wish I had done this 2 years ago.”



So, in order to be successful in wholesale, you have to do this one thing: You need to test. 

You won’t know if your products will do well in retail stores unless you try. You can overthink it and overanalyze it all you want, but the only way to know is to start reaching out to stores and seeing what happens. 


I know that can feel like you’re putting yourself out there on display. After all, you created the product. But, know this - you are not your product. 

If a store says no, they are not saying no to you personally. Don’t give it more meaning than it has. Instead, you can find out why they said no, learn from it and move on to the next store. 


As you put your product out there in front of stores, you will learn what works and what doesn’t. But you won’t learn unless you start. 


If you’ve been wanting to sell your products to stores, but aren't sure where to start, Moni has you covered with her Free Wholesale Training. In it, she shares her simple strategy to get wholesale orders quickly (even in the next 8 weeks!) without spending extra money on Ads or Tradeshows!

You can also find Moni on Instagram @koopslieconsulting or on her website


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