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Staying True To Yourself with Erica of Onsight Care

community Jun 15, 2020

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For this week's interview, we are speaking with Erica of Onsight Care. Erica is a student, and now alumni, of our Sell Your Skincare program, and has used her time there to get a handle on her product labeling and do a little re-launch! Enjoy!


L&C: Hello! To start, tell us your name and what your business is all about.

Hi, my name is Erica and I’m the owner of Onsight Care. Onsight Care is for adventurers. All our products are eco-friendly with natural ingredients and no plastic containers.

Our salves started it all, made for climbers or anyone who is rough on their hands and needs some soothing relief after a long day. We also offer no liquid travel essentials like shampoo bars, deodorant bars, and more for van lifers and those jetsetters traveling across the globe. Our travel essentials simplify the process with less mess and less packing leaving more time for adventure.


L&C: Tell us how it all began for you.

Onsight Care started out of a love for climbing, travel, and the earth. We wanted to find a solution to chemical-filled skincare products and get rid of the plastic containers filling up our landfills.

It all started with our all-natural skin salve, formulated for deep hydration to avoid splits without the greasy residue. Along with our skin salves, we offer a vegan muscle salve for much-needed relief after a tough climb or workday. These products are for every climber or person who works hard and needs a little care afterward.




L&C: What impact did the Sell Your Skincare program have on your journey?

The Sell Your Skincare program helped give me the confidence to be able to start selling my products online. It gave me the know-how in an easy to follow a process to take my business to the next level. It gave me the ability to be able to sell my products across Canada and expand. 


L&C: Tell us about a big fail you had and what you learned from it?

Trying to fit in. I was trying to make my products more like other handmade skincare products online and in the process, I lost where Onsight Care was from. Trying to stray away from the climbing community made me lose focus and customers as it was trying to be something we aren’t.

We aren’t the perfectly laid out Pinterest skincare line. We are made for climbers, travelers, and hard workers. And I’m happy about who we are now, even if we don’t fit in perfectly.



L&C: Who do you look up to in business, or in life?

I look up to Marco & Sophea Fiori, the owners of Windsor Rock Gym. Without them, Onsight Care wouldn’t exist. They helped me step out from making my own products to offering them to other fellow climbers. They showed me how to actually start a business and inspired me with their own dreams of Windsor Rock Gym. Without Windsor Rock Gym, I wouldn’t be the climber I am today and I wouldn’t have a community base that helped inspire me to follow my dream.


L&C: How do you celebrate your wins?

A quick getaway to the mountains whether it be for a climb or hike, getting out in nature is always the reward and refresh I need.



L&C: What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to be different and step out, just get started! There are more people willing to support you than those that are against you!


L&C: Where's the best place to learn more about you?

We love Instagram, so chat with us there. Or find out all about us on our website


Thanks for joining in on our journey! 


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