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Top Tips for Your First Handmade Market (+ Free Checklist)

markets Aug 14, 2019

Original Release Date: October 10, 2018


Since getting into the market scene, I've learned a thing or two and tried to really streamline my experience. 

I like to get everything packed up the day before and then double-check I have everything the day of.


Which markets to research

Consider your target audience, length of the show, travel time, and cost. You can search Google or Instagram or Facebook for local markets, or ask for recommendations from other makers in your area.

A couple of tips?

Make friends with your neighbors

Be friendly but don't oversell

Invite people to smell and touch

Stay present (ie. off your phone) as much as possible

Bring a snack and drink with you

Bring a friend to watch your table when you have to pee (or ask your neighbor)

Know your products and don't be afraid to talk about them

Smile and have fun!! 😊


What to bring

Heading to your first market and want a handy checklist to make sure you don't forget anything? Click the image below to grab it!



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