What are the non negotiables when starting to sell skincare in Canada?

When you’re just beginning and looking to start selling your handmade cosmetics and skincare, what are the requirements?

Sure there are lots of things you should/could be doing like getting your website set up, starting an Instagram account, and many more time-consuming activities. But what are the actual necessities to start selling legally in Canada?


Well, that’s what we’ll be chatting about today!


From experience, I’ve created a 3 part framework, plus a couple of other things that will follow shortly after you start selling.


The 3 part framework includes:

1. Register: Apply for a business license and register your biz name, set up your sole proprietorship or corporation

2. Notify: Follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), submit Cosmetic Notification Forms (CNF)

3. Label: Ensure your labels are compliant


1. Register

To register your business, you’ll first need to determine if you want to run the business as a corporation or sole proprietorship. Next, you’ll need to register a business name if you want to sell under a name other than your personal legal name. And finally, make sure to check for any licenses or permits that business owners in your city or municipality may need.


2. Notify

Notifying means sending Health Canada your Cosmetic Notification Forms. These are your contact info, product info, and cosmetic ingredients that serve as a record for Health Canada.

Plus, make sure you’re following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) when you’re manufacturing your cosmetics.




3. Label

And finally, labeling! Labeling of cosmetics in Canada follows the Food and Drugs Act, Cosmetics Regulations, plus more. This covers the information, text size, and font type that your labels should follow.



Two bonus things to think about after the 3 mains points would be getting liability insurance, and then opening separate banking accounts! These could be done shortly after you get the main 3 pieces in place!


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