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What Products Will Sell Well?

strategy Apr 20, 2020


This is a question I’ve received a few times before, and so I thought I’d dig into it a little with you here today!


What products will sell well? This is not, in fact, the best question to be asking yourself…


After all, “The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Quality Of The Questions You Ask” says Tony Robbins…


And this makes sense, right?


Look at the difference between these 2 questions, for example:


“Why is this happening to me??”


“What can I do to fix this?”


The first question makes the asker a victim, and your subconscious will answer accordingly:

“Because you suck!”

“Because you messed up!”


But, the second one leaves more room for possibility and options. Some answers you might get back from your inner voice with the second question could be:

“If I just did xx, I could fix it.”

“I could go talk to xx to see what advice they have.”


See the difference?


So, instead of asking ourselves what products will sell best, let's switch up the question a little bit…




Maybe something like:

“What struggles are my clients having right now that I could help with”

“What products would my customer go crazy for”


Or, even asking the original question to our ideal client directly instead of trying to guess it for ourselves!


Give it a try… anytime you catch yourself asking disempowering questions to yourself, switch it around a try another version. 


I find switching the first word from ‘why’ to ‘how’ or ‘what’ can make a huge difference!


And just know that sometimes it can take some trial and error, and some failures to figure out what will sell best with your customer base. Try a product based on what your customers are asking for, see what feedback they have, tweak it, and go from there!


Hope that helps!

Jess xx


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