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The Benefits of Using Systems in your BizĀ 

checklist records systems Oct 16, 2019

You know that thing that you do over and over again, maybe multiple times a day or week? Something like packing up an order, or creating a new batch, or receiving new raw materials.

Something where the steps are the same, every. single. Time?

Why not document the process and create a workflow or checklist to make each process foolproof. 

I think we’ve all sent out an order and forgot to add that free sample, or stamp our logo on the box

Did you know pilots use a standardized...

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Top Tips for Your First Handmade Market (+ Free Checklist)

Original Release Date: October 10, 2018


Since getting into the market scene, I've learned a thing or two and tried to really streamline my experience. 

I like to get everything packed up the day before and then double-check I have everything the day of.


Which markets to research

Consider your target audience, length of the show, travel time, and cost. You can search Google or Instagram or Facebook for local markets, or ask for recommendations from other makers in your...

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