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Best Small Business Banking Account for Canadian Makers

money May 11, 2020


So you’ve set up your business and are well on your way to launching and selling your handmade products. Congratulations!! That’s huge, and you should be super proud of yourself!


If you’ve started a corporation, or...

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Are You Paying Yourself Yet?

money Mar 16, 2020


Money, money, monayyyy! 


Today we’re talking all about it!


I know when I was starting my business, I was fairly oblivious to all things pricing, costs, profit, margins, and the like. But over the past couple of...

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Do I need to charge GST?

money Oct 23, 2019

Do I have to charge GST?

This was a question that confused me when I was starting out, so I did want to address it here quickly today.

When you’re starting to sell, you don’t need to start charging GST until you are making $30,000 in...

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