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Makers Blueprint doors are currently closed so we can provide our maker fam with all our energy and business support. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors re-open in mid April!

The Makers Blueprint is an online maker community that focuses on helping Canadian makers succeed in business!

We integrate business knowledge with the support and encouragement needed to grow a business from scratch. With monthly masterclasses, masterminding with fellow makers, and accountability pods and support, we’re here to become your Maker Family. We do the work together and cheer each other on as we all reap the life-changing rewards.


"Jess is very knowledgeable and able to explain things in a way that I could understand. Loved the encouragement and the knowledge that if there was an issue that I didn’t understand there could be somebody I could contact to discuss it with."

Skincare Maker

"Jess has a warm and friendly teaching style, she is clear and helpful and really makes you feel supported!"

Formulating consultant

What happens when I join Makers Blueprint, anyway?

Well, first we'll welcome you with open arms into our Maker Fam and make sure you have everything you need to get started. Our Community Manager, Suzanne, will get to know you and introduce you to the community!

And then, it's up to you! Think of your membership inside MB as a buffet... there's lot of tasty treats to choose from including:

1. Join a Masterclass - Every 2nd Tuesday of the month we dig deep into one of the COSY topics with laser-targeted masterclasses to help your business thrive.

Plus, gain access to all our past masterclasses including: Get Started with Wholesaling, Business Planning and Goal Setting, Pricing for Profit, Elevate Your Etsy, Websites 101, Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs, and more!

2. Join a mastermind - Every 4th Tuesday of the month join your fellow makers in an intimate live Zoom call where we chat about tactics for implementing what you learn into your business so it's NOT just one more thing you pay for and never look at again.

3. Learn the Business Basics - Don't forget to take advantage of the 8 week 'Business Basics' accelerator class (value $999) included for free to learn the basics of starting a business and make sure you're prepped for success.

4. So much more... - Join an accountability pod, host an event, share your goals and wins in our private community, check out the free resources section, ask a question, get feedback on a project... the sky is the limit and we're always open to your feedback on making the community more amazing!

Makers Blueprint doors are currently closed so we can provide our Maker Fam with!

Want to know the next time we open enrollment?

We open enrollment to MB every month or so. Sign up below and you'll be the first to know the next time we open the doors!

Have Q's? We have A's:

Makers Blueprint is for Canadian makers who are either:

- planning to start a handmade business

- are ready to launch their handmade business soon

- or have launched, but haven't seen the results they wanted

Because we go back to basics and teach everything about starting a handmade business, anyone who needs help and is in the beginning stages of starting their business will benefit!

Good question!

Our Sell Your Skincare program only goes through paperwork and legalities of setting up a cosmetics business in Canada so that you can sell your products here - so, the business registration process, business licenses, Health Canada forms, and labelling requirements. More of the bureaucratic/paperwork side of legalizing your business. That program is a one time cost of $299


The Makers Blueprint covers everything else to do with business whether you're just starting out or have already launched your business - so looking at your customer, product development, website, budgeting, pricing, social media, etc. It's meant more as an ongoing learning process as there is always something to learn and improve on in business!. This one is a small monthly investment for as long as you want to stay and learn with us.

They work together really well, just depending on where you're at right now will determine which one to start with :)

Registration to the Makers Blueprint gets you access to:

  • Monthly workshops and content taught in an intentional way to prevent overwhelm and encourage implementation into your biz
  • Monthly Mastermind Zoom call to reflect on the past month and set new goals for next month.
  • 8 week 'Business Basics' introductory course
  • Online community of Canadian makers
  • Accountability pod to keep you on track
  • Student driven content
  • Freebie library of all our past free workbooks, work sheets, and checklists!

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all digital products as per our Terms & Conditions here:

Plus, you are able to cancel your monthly subscription any time you like, and/or join back in when the time is right!

Masterclasses run about 1 hour per month, the masterminds will be about an hour per month, plus you should budget a couple more hours to do the work offline in your business and connect with your accountability pod.

The 8 week introductory 'Business Basics' class should take just 1-2 hours per week to watch the videos and do some work journaling, brainstorming, and researching

Makers Blueprint enrollment only happens about once a month, so be sure to register for our waitlist and then watch for the emails letting you know when doors are open!

While certain sections will mostly apply to Canadians (shipping, suppliers), if you're OK with figuring out those things on your own, you're welcome to join us!

As stated above, we will welcome you into the community and get you all settled in with a series of emails similar to orientation week at school.

Once you have access to our content portal and our private community, the choice is up to you how much or how little you want to participate. Attendance to our masterclasses and masterminds is totally optional (but highly valuable), and you also have access to the replays and recordings if the live calls don't work with your schedule.

Learn more about starting a handmade business, meet fellow Canadian makers, be held accountable, and start gaining some traction on creating the business you've always dreamed of!

We can't wait to meet you inside!

We wanted to keep MB small business friendly, so your membership is just $29 per month (and that's in CAD, no additional taxes or fees apply) when you enroll in the annual membership!

If you'd rather pay monthly and have the flexibility, we also offer a $35 per month option!

"I appreciate that Jess is accessible teacher and is available to answer any questions (I have a lot sometimes lol), and I love that she is after helping others in the same business rather than seeing anyone as competition which is rare."

Light & Salt Soap Co.

And, what is included in your membership?

Monthly Masterclass Deep Dive (value $299 monthly)

We choose just one topic per month, and go deep. We learn about it, decide how it can help our business, and then create a plan to do the work!

Private Inclusive Facebook Community

Private online community of like-minded Canadian Makers, just like yourself! Learn from your peers, share resources, and use the hive mind!

Guest Experts

We love to pull on others strong suits and that's why we love to host other guest experts in all things handmade business to teach what they excel in!

Peer Accountability Pod

We'll partner you up with a small group of 2-4 other makers that will become your pod. Keep each other accountable with weekly check-ins and brainstorming.

Content Driven by You!

Vote on the future topics, presenters, and masterclasses you want to learn from and hear from next!

Freebie Library ($349 value)

Gain access to all our past free resources, worksheets, checklists, and more, with new resources added all the time. Plus you'll receive access to all past recorded masterclasses.

Less Is More

We won't be bombarding you with endless content and expecting you to spend hours on the exercises each day. We're here to simplify, tease out what's really important, and help you get sh*t done!

Business Basics 8 Week Program ($999 value)

We all have different lifestyles, goals, and definitions of success... no two businesses are alike! Let's determine what your 'done business' looks like, and create the road-map to get there.

It's time to turbo-charge your handmade business...inside Makers Blueprint!

Hey, I'm Jess! Welcome to the Fam!

Over the past 3 years, I've started multiple business ventures, 'failed' at most of them, and learned so much along the way.

I've been a handmade maker, making soap, since 2017, when I first got hooked on cold process soapmaking, and launched Lilac and Clover Soap Co. shortly after.

But I didn't stop there! I've also used my knowledge and expertise to create which hosts tons of free content for the new or struggling Canadian maker, plus online programs, and private coaching. And in the process, have helped thousands of makers with their own handmade businesses!

Throughout the course of creating, launching, and marketing my companies, I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, especially when it comes to starting a business the right way, and then, how to grow it!


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